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Water Bore Systems

A bore accesses groundwater that comes from rain that has naturally seeped into the ground and is stored in spaces between soil and rocks. These bodies are called aquifers. The water is safely brought to the surface by drilling a bore (well) and pumping the water up.


A visit to your property to assess the irrigation possibilites, followed up by a quote and possible installation date.


Installation takes place, pumps installed and irrigation piping is laid out and secured. Once installed, testing and training is provided

Stay Maintained

We do repairs and maintenance of irrigation systems including start up and shut down maintenance.

Small water bores are a great source of water

Bore Drilling

Small water bores are a great source of water for an irrigation system.  Small Bores are able to be drilled in a large part of the Bay of Plenty.  Here is a map of current bores in the Bay of Plenty.

You are able to use bore water all year round to water your garden and lawns.  The council water restrictions, allow the use of water bores during the summer months, during low heat times of the day.  Here is a link to their specific restrictions Tauranga City Council.

Caution Bore water, is not to be used as drinking water.

  • Bore Drilling
  • Bore Maintenance
  • Pump Installation
  • Bore Sourcing


Yes, we can drill small bores.

Small bores, currently don’t require resource consent.  

Yes, we install pumps and offer maintenance for them also.

We take pride in our workmanship and use high quality products to ensure long lasting solutions.